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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Dec 8, 2012

Winter's magic

Decorating my desktop
I love color and contrast, which is no doubt why spring and summer are my favorite times of the year, but winter has a beauty all it's own. 

Recently we've been experiencing many damp, foggy winter mornings.  The result is that the world around us is much changed in the most beautiful and delightful way.  Everything outside is touched by hoar frost, which I find to be absolutely fascinating.

Every tree, every bare branch, and every inanimate object outdoors, is literally producing tiny and delicate ice crystals that sparkle and shine when the sun finally comes out.  Some of these even look like snowflakes.

Bare branches transformed
My attempts to get a closer look
A neighbors tree
It is times like this that I wish I had a macro lens, so that I could have a really close look and share it with you. 

A beautiful pine
Tree at the bus stop with the moon in the sky
A bush across the street
However, I can still share some of the beauty both close and distant.  Just click to see a larger version




  1. I adore how winter decorates everything with hoar frost and how the sunlight can create rainbows when kissing it. This is a lovely post Susan!

    1. Thank you Mia, I have been fascinated by hoar frost ever since I saw it at sunrise one morning with sun dogs on either side of the sun and hoarfrost decorating the trees in the distance:)