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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Dec 16, 2012

Sparkling light show on the pond

Activity in the water
It doesn't matter how many times, or how often I visit with nature, I always observe something new, delightful, mysterious, beautiful or just plain awesome.  I think of these as little miracles of joy that I love to share.  I was reminded yesterday, as I was going through some photos, that I had intended to share one of these moments, from a late summer day at a nearby pond this year.

There were not many birds around on that day, but a sparkle on the water caught my eye. At first I didn't pay it much attention, as I really didn't have a lot of time and was looking for birds. But when I noticed it again, the sparkling on the surface of the pond had moved.   I deliberately looked away and back again a moment later.  It was not my imagination, again it had moved and I was immediately fascinated.

Activity has moved further away

The sunlight was sparkling of some fast movement in the water, but I couldn't see a duck or any other reason for the activity.  Yet it continued on and on for as long as I was at the pond.  Back and forth the sparkling light show went across the pond as I watched and wondered what it was. 

A hint of sunlight reflecting off activity in the pond

Something was going on beneath the surface, churning the water and sending tiny droplets in every direction to catch the sunlight, and I was too far to see it, even through the camera's lens.  Nevertheless, as is my habit, I took some photos anyway, just in case a close-up crop might provide a clue as to what I was watching.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch the sparkling light in my photos, but I did catch the action.

In the above crop, if you click to enlarge, you can clearly see water droplets flying in the air.  But only the extreme crops below, show what is truly going on.

Tiny fish heads above the surface
Tiny fish spawning

This wonderful, sparkling light show was caused by the small fish in the pond.  These tiny fish were spawning from all that I could tell by the frantic activity.  It was a wonderful experience that provided a delightful mystery, if only for a brief time.  Next time you are at a pond in late summer, watch the water, you wont be disappointed.


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  1. I love how light can dance off of and on water.