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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Oct 31, 2009

Seeking a birding adventure?

Northern flicker
If you love bird watching like I do but are inexperienced where do you go?  I started out watching hawks at a site near the freeway and a golf course with my daughter.  Birdwatching grew on me slowly  with a primary interest in hawks that began with burning questions about specific types of hawk that I'd seen, one with "owl" eyes, a Northern Harrier female, and the other a huge Goshawk. Both were unique enough in their sighting alone to capture my attention.  Since then  I have discovered  that not all birds are created equal and my fascination only grew. I enjoy every aspect of birding including doing the research to identify different species of birds that I see.  I started going to the local city parks, the creek and the river valley, but after a couple of years that was no longer enough to satisfy me and I realized with a little frustration that maybe I needed to travel, but where too? Since I was still relatively new to bird watching and birding on my own, I had little information to go on.  Then one day a friend of mine mentioned a bird sanctuary not far out of the city and I did some investigating.

Oct 28, 2009

Career change: Where Do I Start?

Become a hawk, fly over the question and hunt for the underlying questions and answers to bring about the magic of success

First and foremost you need to know: What are you passionate about, excites you and draws you in like nothing else can? Is it music, art, psychology or physical activity? What are you good at that other people are not? What are your hobbies, your area of expertise if any, or your interests? What sets you apart that might be of benefit to someone else? Do you like to help people, animals or the environment? Are you a fighter, if so what or who would you fight for? The poor, the elderly, or the abused? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Take your time, there's no rush to figuring this out and there may be more than one answer to choose from. Most of us have more than one ability to draw on, even those of us with very little life experience.