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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Oct 28, 2009

Career change: Where Do I Start?

Become a hawk, fly over the question and hunt for the underlying questions and answers to bring about the magic of success

First and foremost you need to know: What are you passionate about, excites you and draws you in like nothing else can? Is it music, art, psychology or physical activity? What are you good at that other people are not? What are your hobbies, your area of expertise if any, or your interests? What sets you apart that might be of benefit to someone else? Do you like to help people, animals or the environment? Are you a fighter, if so what or who would you fight for? The poor, the elderly, or the abused? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Take your time, there's no rush to figuring this out and there may be more than one answer to choose from. Most of us have more than one ability to draw on, even those of us with very little life experience.

Second is this: What do you need? What will lift you up and energize you; make you happy and content? Think about your life experiences. Was there ever a time that this just happened naturally and what were you doing when it did? Were you helping someone? Were you climbing a mountain? Were you creating or building something? Were you searching for or investigating something? Were you taking care of a child, animal or plant? This is important because a career should never be just about earning an income.

Next consider this: Who are you? What's your personality type and where does it lead you? Who we are is all about how we are wired as a person. Are you comfortable in a crowd of people? Do you start discussions with people as easily as you eat breakfast. Can you charm the socks off a snake? Or are you the quiet type? Never say much even though you know a lot, and are content to just listen to the crowd around you? Do you prefer to stay away from crowds and need quiet time to recharge? Are you comfortable in a fast pace, crowded environment, or does that tend to drain you? Part of this investigation should include your ethics, beliefs, motivations and emotional instincts. Why you ask, because someone who believes in treating animals well can seldom work in a slaughter house and someone who believes all things are connected will have a hard time causing another living thing true harm.

What kind of assistance will you need: Now that you have an idea in your head, do your research. Do you need an education? If so what course will you need to take and at which educational institution? Take into consideration the cost of the course and whether its worth the investment in terms of time and money, as well as the reputation of the school. Are there evening courses you can take which might fill any gaps in your knowledge instead? What about apprenticeship programs, employers, groups and association that might be of assistance. Search the internet, there are free online courses that cover many subjects and, believe it or not, there are employers that offer the type of training you might need. Look for newsletters and publications. Often newsletters will be sent to your email for free and are very informative. Do you know someone that could be your mentor if education is not an issue but you do need to hear the voice of experience and wisdom? Do you need financial assistance in the form of a loan or grant? If so from whom, where and how much? Sometimes a small loan from a relative or friend can get you started.

At this point: It might be a good idea to let all you've learned sit for a while in your mind as well as your notes, computer or journal to gel, grow, expand and settle for a while. I say this because you may want to make adjustments, have something slip into your mind that you hadn't thought of, learn something new, or come across an unexpected opportunity that benefits and enhances all that you've learned.

Make your decision: Set your goals. Start with the ultimate goal, and then set smaller goals to get you there. Start at the beginning. If you need financial assistance start there and set a deadline for yourself to get it. If you need a mentor start there. Then go to step two, which might be starting a business or education plan. Again set yourself a deadline that you can work towards and follow through no matter what. Continue on in this fashion. Remember its best to focus on the smaller goals than the ultimate goal because reaching the smaller goals will bring you closer and closer to the ultimate goal. Make a physical list of all your goals and read it regularly to keep you focused. Check off each goal that you reach and celebrate.

Finally remember: This is your dream; your personal magic. Be willing, able and prepared to work hard...for yourself...with all your energy and tenacity. Most of all be patient because success does not come overnight.


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