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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Dec 30, 2012

Birding and Nature discoveries-2

2012 was a fantastic year for me, the major differences between other years and 2012 lay in the fact that the year started off slow in the way of new discoveries but quickly picked up pace in summer. There were birds and wildlife that I never expected to see without traveling some major distances, or during day time hours. I really should know better by now, because nature is always amazing, filled with wonder and delightful surprises. So here is more from summer in 2012.

This Alder Flycatcher was a first for me and very cooperative.  I spent many minutes photographing and observing this plain, but beautiful species.
Alder Flycatcher
Very co-operative Alder flycatcher
There were more beautiful butterflies and absolutely gorgeous flowers and wildflowers to photograph.

Tiger Swallow Tail
Tiger Lily
Tiny unidentified wildflower that fascinated me

I had a surprise visitor to my back yard, and even though this is not a new species for me, I have never gotten such a close-up and wonderful view.

Merlin lands in tree
Merlin in my yard

There were two species of normally nocturnal wildlife that I encountered.  One was a muskrat foraging in daylight.


The other was a first for me and delight to behold.  A Great Horned Owl that was being harassed by a horde of magpies.  Their commotion and the Owls frustrated cries is what allowed me to spot it.

Great Horned Owl
A closer look

In 2011 I was surprised to discover that Alberta has a resident population of White Pelicans when I spotted five of them in the sky at the very edge of my camera range.  This past summer, amazingly enough, I had a close encounter with a lone White Pelican at one of my favorite ponds on the south side of the city.

White Pelican above
White Pelican

This gorgeous Hooded Merganser caught me totally by surprise early one morning before work.  I never dreamed I would be allowed to get this close, in order to get some photos.

Hooded Merganser male

I don't know anyone that doesn't love humming birds.  My mother has many hummingbird feeders out and sees them every summer, however for me, they have been particularly illusive.  Therefore, it was a memorable and joyous encounter the day that I spotted this Black chinned humming bird in the little forest down the street at the end of the summer.

Black chinned Humming bird
Black chinned Humming bird in profile

As you can see, my summer in 2012 was absolutely amazing.  Fall however delivered much more, I will be sharing those encounters with you in the next post.


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