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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

May 2, 2013

Late migratory birds and battle royale

Murder of Crows
The birds are really late in arriving this year. When I compared the number of photos taken in April last year and the species, to that of this year the numbers are totally lacking. Although this morning I did finally see some ducks, and the Geese have been arriving, although very slowly, I have yet to see the expected number and variety of songbirds. So far there are only three species of song birds that have made it back. These include the Robin, the Dark-eyed Junco and the Golden Crowned Kinglet.

 I have never seen winter hang on so tanaciously, in fact it was snowing again this morning and I have been worrying obsessively about missing the migration entirely. However, I have read posts recently where it was mentioned that birds that should be migrating my way, are in fact still lingering down south, so the birds must have some way of "knowing" when is a good time to migrate. Reading so made me feel somewhat better and I certainly hope that the Hummingbirds especially delay their arrival. Although it is still rather frustrating and if anyone tries to tell me that climate change isn't happening, I'm afraid my response will not be polite.

Crows and Ravens on attack
I am also encouraged by the arrival of several species of Raptor, including Eagles. In fact when I was waiting for the bus last week, I was witness to a murder of crows, allied with the neighborhood nesting pair of Ravens in a fifteen minute battle with a Juvenile Bald eagle that was attempting to rest in the Little Forest, or maybe he or she was scoping out the territory.

The sky is a battlefield
Eagle on defense
When I'm at the bus stop, I can just see a part of the little forest between the houses two streets over, so I wasn't able to get any real good shots but believe me, I was so tempted to run over for a closer look and better photos. Unfortunately I was on my way to work. Since then I have been out several times, but still no new arrivals.

 Are you seeing any of the expected migrant song birds?


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