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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Apr 13, 2012

Favorite bird of the week

Can you spot the Kinglet?

The Robins are back having descended on the city in hordes, they are joined by the White-throated sparrow.  I spotted a lone Turkey Vulture high in the sky, several falcons too distant to identify and watched as Crows began building their nests.

However, the highlight of the week is most definitely this tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Since he was all by himself  in this little forest, I am guessing that he is the forerunner for his species, and I had a fine time trying to keep up with him and get his photo.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet high in the tree
Just landed and already looking for the next perch
I didn't think there was any bird that could be more hyper-active than a Chickadee, but this little Kinglet has the Chickadee beat, hands down.  I heard his song first, and had to stand very still to get the direction of the song.  Then I literally had to move, if I wanted to get his photo, which indeed I did.

Getting set to zip down
He was zipping around like a rocket, ten feet to the left, then fifteen feet to the right, and gave me a merry chase.  It was both fun and frustrasting.  I didn't help that he seemed to prefer to occupy the densest part of the forest, nor that my cell phone kept beeping at me.  Note to self : leave cell phone at home! 

If you have visions of me chasing this birds on the run, let me reassure you.  It was a matter of slowly following his song, and actively spinning myself  like a top to try to spot him.  The last thing any birder wants to do is to scare the birds away.

Here he is in all his glory
Ruby-crowned Kinglet close - up
Finally though, this little Kinglet gave me the gift of a close-up, which includes a display of his ruby crown, quite unexpectely right there next to the footpath.  Needless to say I was delighted, especially since I thought that I had missed every single shot.


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  1. I love these little dynamos, that fiery crest and their nonstop action!