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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Apr 22, 2012

Earth day - A light show

Chickadee collecting nesting material

I started out early this morning with the intention of discovering what the winds had brought in the way of birds and taking in the signs of spring.  I also wanted to observe the nest building, that has already begun for the local species of birds, such as the Chickadee.

But apparently nature had something else in mind for me today.

The first thing I noticed was that there was very little bird song, or activity all around me.  I saw a squirrel or two, but that was about it.  Then I began to notice the play of light.  The early morning sun, the shadows and a slight breeze combined to illuminate and highlight things in the forest that I would never have noticed if, I were focused on birds.

Pink stars

It was almost magical, the way I was suddenly presented me with one piece of eye candy after another.  Color stood out. It was both fantastic and amazing.

Butterfly bud
Delicate tassels

Tiny pink stars at the tip of a bud, new buds, the peeling bark of a tree, and new growth on the forest floor, all combined to create a kaleidoscope of beauty, that I absolutely had to record and share.

New Flame
I literally spent a couple of hours taking hundreds of photos, although I will admit I was most fascinated by the little starry buds.
Double star
What a magnificent Earth Day gift.


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  1. Your morning sounds delightful Susan, I love the play of light in the images you posted!