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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Apr 7, 2012

Juncos and Butterflies

New buds on a branch

I love spring, it's a time of year that I truly seem to come alive.  In spring I'm like a puppy, taking in the sights, sounds and smells.  This is when I really stretch my legs, as well as my spirit, and endulge my curiosity; here there and everywhere, exploring this and that, and thoroughly enjoying life. 

Spring migration has begun slowly here in Alberta with the Junco's arriving in force this past week.  The trees are beginning to bud and the butterflies that overwinter in slumber have begun to emerge to enjoy the sun. 
Dark-eyed Junco foraging under a tree
Dark-eyed Junco male
Juncos are notoriously difficult to spot most of the time, since they prefer to forage on the forest floor, mostly hidden from the eyes of the world and the predators.  Spring and fall however, makes viewing them somewhat easier, since the leaves either haven't come in yet or are dropping to the forest floor.  They are also quick and wary.  You won't see a Dark-eyed Junco out in the open or perched on a branch in a tree, unless the mating season is well under way.  I was having difficulties spotting them, so it was truly comical when I arrived home to discover that they were highly visible in my back yard.

Three Male Junco's in my neighbors tree
The butterflies that overwinter in slumber, have also begun to emerge.  They will be looking for mates to begin their amazing life cycles anew.

Mourning Cloak
Warming his wings
The Mourning Cloak above must have just emerged from slumber, as he sat on this branch for quite some time warming his wings and basking in the sunlight.  When I approached to take these photos, he remained virtually motionless, to my absolute delight.  The Admiral below was already busily flitting about.  I had a hard time getting this photo, as he didn't seem to want to settle anywhere for very long.

Admiral Butterfly
I'm looking forward to going out daily, in the hopes of spotting as many of the migrants as I possibly can, now that the days are somewhat longer again, and getting longer still.



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  1. Thanks for sharing these spring images and the stories behind them. I feel like I can feel spring through your photos.