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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Feb 10, 2011

Winged Nomads: another encounter

I simply couldn't resist.  I kept thinking about the possibilities of seeing the waxwings again and decided I simply didn't want to miss out on any opportunity I might still have.  After all the only thing I know for sure about these birds so far, is that they would be there for only as long as the food source remains.  Bohemian Waxwings really are nomadic.  They descend in flocks where ever the food is plentiful and disappear again as soon it has been consumed.
Flock of Bohemian Waxwings
The sunshine did it this time, luring me outdoors like little else can.  Unfortunately I forgot that it is usually cold when the sun shines so brightly in winter, but I didn't let that stop me, not when I was so well prepared for the outing this time.  So back to the small wood I went, because I really wanted some clearer images of these little winged nomads.
Bohemian Waxwing Sentinel?
When I arrived, the little wood was very quiet except for the songs of a Nuthatch and some Chickadees.   Nevertheless, I walked slowly around to the back side of the forest, where the path lay that would lead to it's center and for a while I heard little more than the songs of Chickadee.  My mind was so occupied with listening and looking for the waxwings, that when I did hear them, it took a while to reach through to my consciousness.  The Bohemian Waxwings had arrived, although not in quite so large a number as the last time, but they had settled at the other end of the wood.

In the tree tops

As it happens I also heard the call of an Owl nearby at the same time and so I had a small dilemma.  I really wanted to see the Owl, but I also wanted pictures of the Bohemian Waxwings.  A sudden longing for the ability to clone myself briefly flashed through my head, but since I don't have that ability, I took the chance that the owl had settled into the neighborhood.   So after only a brief mental struggle, I began walking towards the sound of the waxwings.  After all, I had heard an owl calling several times in the past few weeks and so it was not truly an unrealistic expectation that it might have staked out a territory.

The Bohemian Waxwings as it turns out didn't stay long in the area.  Something was hunting them that I couldn't see, since they suddenly took flight en-mass a couple of times, with a loud whirring of wings that sounded as if it was generated by panic.  It might even have been the Owl.  Both times they re-settled in the tree tops close to the sidewalk that runs around small part of the little forest, which was lucky for me.  No ankle deep snow for me this time, and not too much in the way to obstruct my camera.  Not to mention lots of available light.

Bohemian Waxwings close up

As you can see my photos this time are a lot better.  Amazing the difference lighting and better equipment can make.  While I didn't get very many pictures I am still quite happy.  The opportunity for more pictures left with the waxwings when they took all took off a third and final time.  By this time off course I was thoroughly frozen, although in all honesty, I didn't realize I was until the birds were gone.  Obviously I had enjoyed myself immensely on this outing despite the cold.

No doubt I will be going back again the next chance I get and hopefully they will still be hanging around.  If not, there is one other place where I can go that they might frequent.  However, this neighborhood in particular has an abundance of fruit trees and bushes, which raises my hopes for getting the best possible portrait, as these little nomads love to eat mainly fruit.



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