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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Aug 14, 2010

Update: Cooper's Hawk Juvenile

I had a little extra time and energy today, and decided to go to the mini forest in my neighborhood again.  There were some changes there since the last time I visited it.  For one thing a couple of trees were downed during the storm we had the other day.  There was also some new wildflowers and a bird species that I have never seen before.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of those particular birds this time, although I'm sure I will eventually.  However, I did get some wonderful photos of the Cooper's Hawks residing in that little forest and I couldn't wait to share them.

Cooper's Hawk Juvenile
Cooper's looking down
Cooper's Hawk almost hidden
Juvenile Cooper's hawk back view
Wary Hawk
Juvenile Cooper's hawk relaxed
Cooper's Hawk watching
Cooper's Hawk Juvenile watching squirrel

The hawk in the photo directly above didn't seems to mind my presence, or the sound of my camera.  In fact she stayed and allowed me to continue taking pictures for quite some time.  It was really quite amazing, although she did distance herself by hopping up to a higher elevation.  Of the other two, one flew off almost immediately and the other, the one with his back to me, tolerated my presence only briefly.

I hope these photos will help you identify these beautiful birds if you happen to see them.  Just click to enlarge them and enjoy.


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  1. Wow Aunty Sue, it's awesome that you're able to get photos taken of these birds like that. Thanks for sharing.