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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Aug 6, 2010

Osprey sighting number2

This Osprey appears to have decided that it likes the taste of goldfish. I sighted him yesterday as I got off the bus near the park.  I was hesitating and looking across at the park, trying to decide whether I wanted to take a few minutes to relax there before work, since I was early, when I saw him.  Naturally the sight of the bird decided me, and the camera was on the him almost the second that I spotted him.  It took the Osprey two tries, which upset the ducks, but he caught another very large gold fish as you can see.  Once again this bird made my day.

Osprey in flight and close up

Osprey flies just above ground
Osprey so close

Osprey begins stoop
Osprey dives for pond
Osprey clutching fish
Osprey taking off
Osprey gaining height

Osprey with catch above



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