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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Dec 18, 2009

Tinkering: Global Warming Not The Only Danger

We really need to stop people tinkering with our food.

It isn't bad enough that we ingest, one hundred percent involuntarily I might add, poison on a daily basis.  Now scientists are experimenting with bonding the swine flu genes/vaccine to corn in order to feed it to human and animal alike?worldwide? Have we now become guinea pigs?


They add vitamins to our food which at first glimpse doesn't seem bad.  But then they also add food color, additives and preservatives and all kinds of other junk which I am certain we do not need or want in our diets, and of which, I am almost as certain, we are ignorant of the  resulting effects on our minds  bodies, and environment. Who knows how many of us suffer from an overdose of say Vitamin D for instance.  While vitamin D can help your body fight off disease, too much of it is not good for you either, causing symptoms of vitamin overdose, and since our bodies manufacture vitamin D through an exposure to sunlight there is really no true way of knowing how much you are getting, when it is also in your calcium supplement, in your milk or soy milk, in your chocolate bar, cereal, and in your can of soup etc., and in addition occurs naturally in certain foods.

Another example is food color, inserted into our food to make it look more attractive and to get us to buy it, like beef for example.  Many, many children react badly to food color in that they become hyper active, cannot focus their minds and are unable to concentrate to learn as a result.  Some kids even react with severe moods swings and violence to the same.  Because of said additives and alterations to said food, some kids cannot even eat fruit, dairy, bread and cereals.  Also many people cannot eat salad bar foods, reacting to eating anything at salad bars with severe migrane headaches. These are just mild reactions to foods which are supposed to be natural, wholesome and healthy foods, but instead many people get sick from eating them. Speaking of natural and wholesome, did you know that they have tinkered much further than that? That they have recently begun to alter the genetics of food by bonding herbicides, pesticides, viruses, bacteria and animal DNA to grains crops and that some of the resulting consequence is turning out to be deadly in more ways than one?  Follow these links for more info:


So who is to say that the food sensitivities, allergies and asthma that people of this day and age are suddenly developing might not be caused by these additions to our food.  There is of course  much more to this, very much more than you are likely to appreciate.  Just do a search "genetically altered seed crops" and find out for yourself. 

While it is one thing to cross pollinate crops to produce hardier plants and increase food production, it is quite another to bond poisons with said crops. The other question is this, how do our reactions to these foods contribute to the medical misdiagnosis of kids and adults alike, causing other more serious problems? For instance how many kids are misdiagnosed with ADHD or ADD when they may in fact only be having severereactionsto food color in to the foods they eat?

A misdiagnosis of this sort can have serious consequences for the child, who is then wrongly placed on medicines that have not been studied enough for consequence of long term use.  Some of these drugs are, after all a derivitive of the poppy plant which produces cocaine.  The child's life can then take a disastrous turn.  Please understand me here, some children need this medicine, the sad fact is however that many, many more children are in fact misdiagnosed with these conditions and the results for the child very negative.

 Now ask yourself this, if this tinkering with our food causes cancer and other diseases, are we not just replacing one illness with another and perhaps in the long run an even worse illness and more suffering?  What other possible consequence can tinkering with food and genetics have for the world around us?  There is already a very negative picture emerging about the consequence of such action. Is doing so justified even with the good intention of improving the health of the population?  Do we really want to pay that price? With all the controversy surrounding the H1N1 flu vaccine and its side effects, I really think that it is unwise to bond the H1N1 virus/vaccine or anything else for that matter to our foods.

Yet at this very moment some scientist somewhere is experimenting on some unfortunate rats to do just that and more. What is the average life span of a rat anyway?  Is it nearly as long as our own?  It isn't likely to be is it, so then how do we know what the long term consequences of the things tested on rats are on the human body?  But say that the short term exposure to genetically altered food kills a rat or causes disease or other bad consequence for said rat, what does it mean for humans? This would indicate that it is deadly, would it not? Another question is this, have any long term, detailed studies been done?
You can find out what information there is on this subject at the link above.  I realize that there are scientists all over the world have the best of intentions at heart when it comes to human beings and the environment.  Those intentions are to keep the population healthy and prevent the spread of disease, and to feed the population, and to keep the environment healthy and thereby preserve wildlife, but when does this intention become truly more of a detriment than a help?

It is here that I must point out, that it is no longer just individual scientists who are experimenting and producing the changes to our food, our lives and our environment.  I'm talking about a very few very large, wealthy companies here, such as the ones altering our foods genetically, and the chemical and pharmeceutical companies whose products we are persuaded to use.  What is their bottom line? What are their true intentions?  I personally have difficulty believing that their bottom line has anything to do with a genuine interest in the health of the world's population, the feeding of that population, or the world itself.

Lastly, another issue with this is the matter of choice.  Some people truly do not wish for either themselves or their children to be exposed to this vaccine, or for that matter the food that has been altered in any way, and yet 90% of the food we ingest has been altered in some way.  It seems that someone out there, namely those few companies who are seeking profit and power, have decided that we will all get all of the above in one way or another, whether we wish it to be so or not, and consequence be damned for those of us human and animal alike who react either mildly or very, very badly. After all we all have to eat, right?. It is obvious that human rights are not considered at all when this tinkering is put into effect and neither is a care for the wildlife and our environment.

While you are thinking about all this and the fact that none of this food is labeled to let us know which of the foods has been altered and allow us the choice of whether or not to purchase these foods, here is one last thing to think about.  It seems that very soon now we will not have access to natural food at all, follow these links:


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  1. This is some scary stuff. I just shake my head thinking about it. The only reason the government and scientist can do this stuff is because most people don't know how to survive and produce the things we all need to survive. However, if everybody was familiar with and could actually go back to doing what was necessary for survival in the middle ages, we could bring back the fuedal manor system and the governments would have less control. We don't have this to fall back on though. Some time ago, the thought occured to me that perhaps the ones at the top decided that since humanity is unable to make a u-turn in its folly in dealing with the Earth than all we deserve is to perish in our own error and the only ones left perhaps will be the ones wise enough to make it, looking past the illusion of our modern conveinances and either uniting others to use science and innovation to correct our messes or go back to the ancient ways of life. I believe that God put it in us the potential to fix our mistakes one way or another, my only fear is that we unite and meet this potential in time.