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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Dec 29, 2009

How to shrink your carbon footprint and Save money

Global warming affects everyone, but can be stopped starting at home and within local communities, continuing in an ever outward spiral. In this manner we will communicate the need, ability and benefits to be had by such action to all levels of society and to governments and businesses all over the world. We need to act quickly, and we need to motivate others to do the same, if we are to help ourselves survive and to also keep birds and other wildlife from extinction. Here are some steps you can take towards this goal that is both beneficial and realistic,  most especially for your budget.

Because our lives have become so hectic many of us like to take shortcuts when preparing meals, but when you really think about it doesn't  take that much longer to prepare a meal from scratch. Aside from being far from beneficial to your health canned, processed and prepacked foods are expensive. If you buy fresh locally grown, organic foods from your local farmers market, or a farm if you happen to know a farmer, you will notice that your grocery bill will go down significantly. Keep in mind there  is also still grain fed beef available, as well as free range chicken.

Planting a garden to grow your own veggies will also save you money, especially if you keep it chemical free. Chemical pesticides and herbicides cost a small fortune and are extremely harmful to birds, bees, and other wildlife, as well as to human health. Doing without these chemicals will have the added affect of helping the environment, and if you plant a tree or two in your yard this will be even more beneficial to all concerned, here's how:

Chemicals cleaning products are dangerous to both your family health and your pocket book. If only through the potential poisoning of a child, who might drink or ingest them because the chemical companies have made them smell too good, sometimes like candy, and with so many people developing allergies to these chemicals, it only makes sense to make your own cleaning supplies. The following links will teach you how.


Besides getting paid for recycling bottles, cans and milk cartons, something as simple as turning down the heat and washing your laundry in cold water will help to  keep your budget down.  As will the energy saving light bulbs on the market today. While these bulbs might be expensive initially, they last far longer than just 18 months, eliminating the need to buy the other varieties every other month and providing the added benefit of saving you twenty or more dollars per month, depending on how many of these bulbs you choose to install in your residence.

Also consider that solar powered lamps, blinds, batteries, lawnmowers, air purifiers, air conditioners and even stoves and chargers, as well as other such gadgets are now available. Investing in these gadgets will benefit your budget in the long run because while these gadgets used to be really expensive, this is no longer an issue. You can get lighting for both your yard and indoors, for example, at reasonable prices.  They have even come out with solar powered computers.  The following link will show you examples of just one place where these gadgets may be found:
http://thehottestgadgets.com/2009/07/17-hot-solar-powered-gadgets-for-a-more-eco-friendly-lifestyle-003675  More such sites can be found if you do a search for solar gadgets.

Alternate, clean or green energy supply companies are springing up every where.  Here in Alberta you can check out the following link:
If you live elsewhere just do a search for alternate energy supply companies.

Your savings from these practices, when implemented, can then be invested, if you wish, in savings bonds, either monthly or yearly.  The decision is up to you and this is an excellent way to keep chemicals from entering the water supply and soil, to save the wildlife and environment from destruction, as well as to preserve your own health and the health of your family.


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