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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Dec 8, 2009

Interaction between birds and man

That we are affecting the patterns, behavior and survival of the wildlife on this planet negatively is not in question.  Many species of wildlife are now extinct, and many are on their way to extinction thanks to man kind's interference with the natural pattern of this world. The migratory patterns of birds for example are changing and being affected in some manner all over the world, but are we now also helping some species to adapt?  If so is there may also be a means by which we can help others to do so, or is there at least a means where we can adapt ourselves to live more in harmony with nature again?:

Well according to the following article we may in fact actually be helping at least one species of bird adapt.:

This is really good news and provides some hope at the very least.  Since we have unwittingly accomplished this much for the benefit of wildlife, I am sure we can do much more if we put our minds to it, and in so doing we can manage to turn back the devastating tide of environmental damage we have caused.


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