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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Nov 17, 2009

About the Flu

They are calling  this flu outbreak a pandemic, but is it really?  Each year thousands of people come down with the flu, and sadly many die of it, and  this year will be no different.  However, there is no evidence that thousands are dying of this particular flu in each of the communities around the world. If the death toll were in the hundreds of thousands calling it a pandemic would be justified, but it is not.  So it is strange  that it is being called just that.  What is even stranger is the fact that people who are getting the flu shot are being asked to fill out forms before they get the shot.  This has never been done before.  When last I took my children for shots all that was required was their health care cards. Even more upsetting however, is that the attempt is being made to force people into getting the H1N1 vaccine with a threat of losing their livelihoods. So what is really happening here?

The problem  is  we are being flooded with information about this flu and its consequences, causing a great deal fear in the population which is driving people to vaccination clinics and/ or sites all over the world.  My question is this: the flu is the flu, why is this particular flu different in the manner that it is dealt with from all the others?  We all know that there is a flu season.  We all should know that in order to keep ourselves healthy we need to take certain steps to do so, and most of us know that flu viruses can mutate.

What about the controversy surrounding the H1N1 vaccine?  Is it safe? Who is producing it?  Is it properly tested?  What's in it that could be potentially harmful to humans?  The issue surrounding the safety of the vaccine in regards to what's actually in it is being down played. Why?  The fact is there is mercury in the vaccine. Mercury is a deadly poison, but the insistence is, that it is such a small amount it will do no harm. I, for one, don't need to be a scientist to know that poison is poison no matter the size of the dose, and that it will have some effect on the body and its ability to function, whether sooner or later.  How much of an effect and what kind would depend on the size of the body being injected, and the individual's biological reaction.

What is even more interesting still, is that there are now conspiracy theories popping up in regards to this vaccine, accusing the US government and the companies producing the vaccine of an elaborate plot to control the population by killing of millions of people, while hugely profiting from the act. Here are some links you might find interesting in regards to vaccines in general, this particular vaccine and its link to a conspiracy :  .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3XlJB7J5-o&feature=player_embedded..
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4O8beEBxdQ&feature=PlayList&p=B6A98810A515C697&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1----Canadian vaccine H1N1

So what is the truth? Now we need to stop and think. With so much information coming at us about this issue, the truth is difficult to discern, and so it has now also become an issue of trust. This means it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to get a vaccination, and no one has the right to dispute an individual's choice in that regard.  Parent's must make the choice not only for themselves but their children as well, so it will be more difficult for them to make, but it is their right to do so.  No one wants to die, and no one in their right mind wants their children to die, but what are the true odds that a person will die of this particular flu or any other for that matter?  If you make it a habit to live a healthy life style the odds of dying of this flu are lowered considerably for you, as well as your family. 


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