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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Feb 3, 2013

The Raven family

Ravens in the tree top
Roughly two years ago I wrote a post about the Raven's nesting very near my home and their four offspring, they had four more offspring last year and I know they are nesting again right now because I have seen both parents collecting nesting materials.  A few weeks ago, I saw the Raven pair in flight with all eight of their offspring.  I recognized the first four only because one of these birds was, and still is so endearingly clumsy.  I didn't get much of a chance to observe the second set of offspring last year, so I know very little about them, aside from the fact that they were occasionally babysat by the older four siblings.  Are you confused yet?

While the parents are busy reconstructing their nest, their eight offspring can occasionally be observed socializing or playing together on the wind, most especially at dawn or dusk.  This past week I watched the oldest four play in the little forest for quite some time.  Aside from the clumsy Raven, one of the other Raven youngsters has a very deep, distinct voice, while the third is very curious, and the fourth somewhat nervous.

Clumsy Raven almost missed the mark
Struggling to right himself

They seemed to enjoy the snow fall and really love the gusting wind.  Apparently they also, enjoy a game of chase the tail of a Magpie occasionally, or playing tag with Blue Jays:) 

Curious Raven-wondering what I'm doing
Nervous Raven takes off at the slightest sound

Two of these older offspring even played at house a little last summer, when they practiced building a nest and protecting territory.

Magpie visits Raven
Raven's playmates
I only wish I could capture a photo of all four of these Ravens together.  I have been watching this Raven family for almost six years now, beginning with the parents when they first paired off.  Many people don't like Ravens, but I find that they are intelligent, playful, curious and quite charming, and I know that they recognize me when they see me. I have seen a Raven pair teach their young how to ride the currents of the wind, I have seen them feed and comfort their young.  I have seen them protecting their young by engaging Hawks and Eagles in the sky above their nests.  How could I not love these birds?


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  1. I adore Ravens and have so much watching and photographing them. They do seem to enjoy playing a lot, thanks for sharing this Susan!