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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Feb 10, 2013

Among the Bohemians

Eating snow

I was determined to get some closer shots of the Bohemian waxwings flocking in my neighborhood this week.  I was also hoping to catch some of their clownish antics in addition to their beautiful coloring.  I spotted them almost immediately in the same location as last time, but this time I followed their flight into a part of the neighborhood I have never been.

I was astonished by the sheer number of mountain ash trees here.  There was at least half a dozen healthy trees, containing an abundance of fruit, within an area containing only three or four yards.  There was also plenty of shelter; places that the birds could escape to in the event of the arrival of a predator.

Waxwing greed
This feeder is mine:)
Bohemian waxwing scarfing it down
Beautiful pose

However these waxwings were not the only creatures enjoying the abundance in this tiny area of the neighborhood.

House sparrow female

The squirrels were chasing each other around this tree.  Unfortunately I didn't capture the action.  Next time perhaps.

Red-breasted nuthatch
The Nuthatches and Blue jays were enjoying the many feeders, that are also about in this same area.  This nuthatch was sneaking up on the feeder at the end of the fence.  He was taking the long route, first clinging to the stucko on the side of the house, then the window frame, before landing on the fence. 

The biggest surprise of the day, however, were the Pine Grosbeaks that I spotted among the Bohemian waxwings.

I only spotted the Pine Grosbeaks, because one of the males was singing a most delightful and unique song.

Two female Pine Grosbeaks

The Pine Grosbeaks were not eating the fruit.  They were after seed and unopened buds at the end of branches, which didn't grow last year.

Pine Grosbeak female

Female nibbling on a seed
The females are dull in their color, a sort of yellow green and gray; a nice camouflage color, but still beautiful.  The male below was very bright red, except for his black wings.  He really stood out against the blue of the sky and the naked branches of the trees.

Pine Grosbeak male
Male Grosbeak taking flight

The Grosbeaks are very shy.  I would have loved to get a closer view and photo.  I'm hoping to see them again soon for another photographic opportunity.



  1. Susan, thanks for taking me along on this journey, love all of the birds and your narration!