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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Jun 29, 2012

Birds amongst the blossoms

I was very fortunate this spring to catch several images of birds perched among, or near various spring blossoms this year. 

Cedar waxwing  and crab apple blossoms
 The crab apple blossoms in the photo above, actually caused the Cedar Waxwing's cinnamon and yellow coloring stand out.

Black bird and blossoms

I must confess that I do not know what species of tree this Red-winged Blackbird is perched on, but the blossoms sure complement the birds coloring.

This Clay-colored sparrow just loved hanging out with the honey suckle blossoms.  In fact, it was the only place I saw this bird over the period of several hours.

This House-wren on the other hand wasn't at all choosey.  I saw her perched on Lilac bushes, in Crab-apple trees and several other blooming trees, whose names I don't know.  Both birds and blossoms are beautiful, but when combined...well you decide.


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  1. Birds are beautiful in/on/near/over flower blossoms! Well done Susan.