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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

May 16, 2012

One of many trails
My trip to the River Valley on Monday was adventurous to say the least. Both bus stops that would drop me off close to the trails were closed due to construction. Nevertheless, after some time, I found a way in. While I was seeking a way in, I came across this tiny brown cottontail, who obligingly didn't run off at the sight of me.

Brown cotton-tail

When I visit the river valley, I like to follow one particular trail that runs alongside the river itself. Mostly I like it because there are few people that use this trail. This is where I spotted a Peregrine Falcon last year. This time I watched a crow moving about on some driftwood in the river. I have no idea what he was looking for, but he kept losing his balance and nearly fell into the water a couple of times. It was quite amusing.

Crow trying to keep his balance

The trip itself didn't yield any new birds. However, I did find plenty of White-throated sparrows, on one of the side trails in another part of the valley. Rustling sounds on the forest floor is what got my attention, resulting in these photos. It was quite delightful watching them pushing dry leaves about, scratching at the ground like chickens and sometimes making small jumps upward to catch a bug on the branch of a bush, or dry weed above.

White-throated sparrow

 I soon discovered that the rustling sounds were not just made by the White-throated sparrow however. This little chipmunk was also rustling around. He was climbing small shrubs to pouch last years seeds which are still clinging to the branches.

Chipmunk at the top of a bush
Pouching seeds
Standing free style

There is always plenty to see in the river valley and Monday was not different. At this time of the year, there are many delicate new blooms to view. I was lucky enough to discover this gorgeous wildflower as I was moving slowly around in a semi-open area with plenty of low bushes in search of more ground foraging birds.
Beautiful Wildflower-vine
A front view

Then, while attempting to spot a delightfully singing bird, which I believed to be a Yellow warbler, this beautiful little butterfly kept distracting me. It was kind enough to show me the true color of it's wings. Naturally, since it opened it's wings in invitation, I just had to take some photos. 

Little blue
A small jewel
A Front view

I spent serveral enjoyable hours in the river valley exploring new trails and making new discoveries, which will have me returning very soon. In the meantime, the way home proved to be as adventurous as the way in. The bus stop that I normally use, was also closed, which forced me to use the long steep wooden stairs which lead up to the McDonald Hotel directly downtown. Here are a few photos of a view from the top,inlcuding one of the bus stop which is now closed.

Bus stop closed
River valley and river queen
Muttard conservatory watch for future post


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