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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Mar 11, 2012

All the signs are there

I do believe spring is well on it's way.   All the signs are there.   The sun is bright and strong.  The snow is melting fast and the sound of running, or dripping water is everywhere.   Male squirrels are chasing the females.   There are noisy chases around the trunks of a trees, which continue high overhead amongst the branches.  There are also squabbles amongst the finches and sparrow.

I heard persuasive mating calls of White throated sparrows and saw a White-breasted nuthatch singing his best enticing song from the tip of an exposed branch, yesterday.  This is a sight I don't normally see, since  Nuthatches prefer to stay under cover, and certainly don't stay still for very long.

White-breasted Nuthatch male
Interrupted song
Today I saw a nuthatch pairing.   Apparently the male not only woes the female with song, but does so with food as well.

Male feeding a female
Male and Female on the sidewalk
The one would follow the other where ever he or she went and communication between the pair was constant.
One takes off
At one point they landed on the side walk, presumably to pick up some small stones to help them digest food.  Before long however, one took to the trees and half a second later the other followed.

They'll  make their nest in a woodpecker hole like the one above.  Although it will have to be a much higher off the ground.  Lot's of cover will help to protect the nestlings as well, and it wont be long now before all trees bud, the plants begin to grow, insects emerge to drone and the migrant birds arrive to begin their own mating ritual.


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  1. Susan, I think spring has sprung here too! Isn't it grand?