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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Feb 16, 2012

Winter colors

Raven climbing the sky

There was a time when it seemed to me that in winter all the color is leached out of the world.  But as I have discovered in the past couple of years, this is simply not so.  If you really look closely and do so when the light is in just the right place, the colors are actually more intense.


Today the sun was very bright and because the only bird I saw was a Raven, I amused myself by attempting to capture winter's colors on camera.

Moss Green, tan and brown
Muted green
Flaming Orange and red
Tan and gray

Gold,bronze, blue

light and tan
If you wish to see the colors of winter, just stand between the light and the object you are looking at.  Or, stand just slightly to the side.  The colors will take your breath away.


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