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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Oct 10, 2011

Guni4's photostream

song sparrow dP5141200P9295411-1Red winged black bird femalePicture 166 boat tailed grackle femaleP9245111-1 Admiralst thomas butterfly
P9254790 Sept 25 Tennesse warblerP9244850-1 yellow rumped warblerP9244828-1 mourning warbler femaleP9244792-1 White throated sparrowP9213909-11 (2  Says Phoebe)P9213801-11 (2 Says Phoebe)
P9184451-1 greater yellowlegsP9245070-1 painted ladyP9255338-1P9173302-1P9114065-1 Wilson's warblerP9114020-1 audubon's warbler
P9113948-1 chipmunkP9112543-11  American RedstartP9112496-1 (2 magnolia warbler)P9103381-1 bird1 warbling vireoP9103207-11  Common yellowthroatP8221162-1 Olive  sided  flycatcher
 As you may all know by now I love taking pictures of wildlife.  So I decided to upload some of my images to share.  Just follow the link below.
Guni4's photostream on Flickr.


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