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Nature in it's glory

Nature in it's glory

Jul 4, 2010

Flowers and Birds: attracting birds to your garden

I wanted to do something different for a change and since I know that most species of birds depend on flowers to survive, weather for seed or nectar, I decided to share some pictures and information on flowers.  Holly hock, the flower on the  left for instance, will bring Humming birds to your yard if you plant them.  If you a privileged enough to own a house, you have off course much more choice in the types of flowers you can plant to attract and help feed the birds.  However, even if you rent and /or have limited space, there are flowers you can plant in flower boxes that will help birds, both in winter and summer.

Edged walkway
With writing this article in mind, I walked around different neighborhoods to take pictures of the flowers and flowering bushes that people have planted in their yards or around their homes.  It was gratifying to see that many people do in fact have wonderful gardens planted which, whether intentionally or not, will feed birds.

Bee on wildflowers
Wild rose
Some flowers were even planted near a pond that I visit, and although a little overgrown, will still help birds as well as bees to survive.

Beautiful flower
flower bed

White Lilac Bush
Not all flowers are created equal however.   Many flowers for gardens are purely ornamental, so you want to also plant flowers that are perhaps not as pretty, but go to seed in the fall, as well as some native species.  Personally I'm not very fond of sunflowers for example, but they are a major food source for many birds and I recommend planting just a few.  Also, flowering bushes not only provide shelter and shade for birds, but provide seed and often  fruit.

Flowering bush
A variety of color is also good, red flowers for example attract humming birds, especially if they have a trumpet shape.  Marigolds, which come in a variety of shades, will go to seed in the fall and feed the small birds that do not migrate.

The most beautiful front yard garden I saw this year so far, didn't have a single straight line and it wasn't flat.  Rocks, and different layers of flowers covered the yard in a riot of color, and the yard also provided a water fountain for birds to bathe in and drink from.

Bachelor Buttons
yellow beauties

Now I don't claim to be an expert on flowers.  In fact I do not know the names of most of the flowers that I am showing you here.  I would have to search the internet to learn their names.  However, I did notice that in the areas where the most cared for and abundant flowers and flowering bushes reigned, there was the most bird song and bird activity.  Now I don't know about you but I love nothing better than  waking up to birdsong coming in through my window in the morning.  Doing so always makes me feel good for the day.

Pinks and red
Blue Bells
Sunshine yellow
Light Purple
Dark Purple

There are also many flowers that grow as vines and can be planted in a planter to grow along your porch or roof, like the one shown below.  Plants like these will fill corner beautifully, climb up a trellis or cover a fence.

Morning Glory
Hanging Planter

Other flowering vines are morning glory, trumpet creeper, sweet pea, star jasmine, and passion flower.  If you wish to learn more about which flowers might be good to plant in your garden space in order to attract birds just follow the links below and enjoy:

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  1. Wow I've learned something new! I have never thought that flowers were a food source for birds. I guess flowers are not just for show and they actually help put with the ecosystem.

    I can't wait to do my own gardening LOL! I want to have a tree or two in the backyard, plenty of bushes and of course flowers to help out the bees and birds.